My top 10 travel tips. I would love to know your best tips too!

Luggage copy

1. Compile electronic packing checklists for each type of trip you take. These lists can then be easily be updated as required and can incorporate useful pre-travel reminders such as “Recharge Kindle” or “Order online groceries to arrive on return”.

2. Consider homeopathic medicine when visiting risky destinations instead of undergoing harmful vaccinations which can produce long term health problems. For more information visit

3. Keep a paper note of any important contact details somewhere easily accessible in the unfortunate event of your mobile phone being lost or stolen.

4. When travelling overseas in a twosome, apportion half of your clothing into each other’s suitcases so that if one of the suitcases gets delayed you still have something clean to wear in the interim.

5. Pack just enough of each toiletry product for the duration of the trip so that you don’t bring home any bulky bottles. This way you have extra room to bring home a holiday souvenir! I put my regular toiletries aside when they are down to the “holiday ready” amount.

6. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to have a hearty restaurant meal which will keep you far more satiated for a long journey than the usual meagre airline offerings. Doing this also helps you unwind and ease yourself into holiday mode.

7. Pack a snowflake obsidian crystal and place it on your bedside table. This stone clears energy from the previous room’s occupants, helps to balance mind, body and spirit and promotes peaceful sleep, particularly useful with an unfamiliar bed.

8. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the fire exit procedure on arrival at all new accommodation. I never use to bother with the back-of-the-door-drill until I worked for the railway industry. Their key message “safety first” is now deeply ingrained in my conscious!

9. Edit your photographs at the end of each day and retain only the very best. It makes future viewing far more pleasurable when you know you don’t have hundreds of similar snaps to plough through. It engages your audience back at home more too.

10. Don’t over plan what to do at your destination – go with the flow and enjoy the adventure!


  1. Great article and although I do most of these, I have picked up a few tips! I like to take a photocopy of my passport in case it gets stolen or lost. In dodgy areas, I have a small wallet with a couple of old credit cards and notes to hand over if I am mugged. I’m a big planner so I like to plan so that I don’t waste time at my destination trying to figure out what to do. My tip for train travel is to always take your own food and drink in case there are no buffet facilites when you are expecting some. Also, try not to spend time in the vestibule of a carriage (including the loos) as these are the crumple zones in the event of an accident whereas the main seating area is in a protective cage. A bit of a ‘dark’ tip I know so sorry for that!


    1. Excellent! Thank you. I am a rail traveller too and prefer to travel in a middle coach as in the event of a derailment you are safer. I used to photocopy passport but you don’t need to – just a trip to your embassy for emergency one sorts that. As a vegan I definitely take food on trains (that’s in my vegan tips blog!) 🙋

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  2. Brilliant tips thank you!
    I have so many more like test the shower on arrival in case its faulty so it can be fixed in readiness for morning shower – or a room change arranged.


  3. never drink on a plane, pack light so you can shop, always carry a pashmina or shawl, have your passport number stored safely somewhere for when you lose it, have extra cash, buy a local sim card, steal whisky off plane even if you don’t drink on plane, take underwear that dries quickly, go braless, take half the clothing you think you’ll need, always carry a book, also pen and paper, learn a few phrases of the local language, have fun!

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  4. I need to do a better job with #9, editing/deleting pictures. After a trip or event, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the myriad of photos I’d managed to take, and it almost becomes more punishment than joy to sort through them all. So will definitely try to do a better job of organizing as I go!

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