A trip to Warwick – but not the castle


On Sunday Franc and I took an afternoon tour of Warwick, a town on the River Avon in the county of Warwickshire. A county listed by The Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top ten places to live in Europe.

On checking my travel log it transpired I had never actually ventured around the town centre itself. I had purely visited its famous mediaeval castle three times, one of those rocking out to a summertime Meatloaf appearance. William the Conqueror did a grand job in his planning of the castle and in my opinion it is the most magnificent in England, well that and Leeds Castle in Kent.


Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians, and eldest daughter of Alfred the Great, founded the town of Warwick in 914 AD as a defence against Viking attacks. She had plenty of time to devote to deterring the Dark Age Danes as it was claimed she packed in sexual activity following the birth of her only child. Apparently she declared it was “unbecoming of the daughter of a king to give way to a delight which, after a time produced such painful consequences”. 


It is very easy to cover the town on foot in a short space of time. Aside from the constant stream of heavy traffic around the perimeter, it was relatively quiet on the pedestrian front since most businesses were closed apart from a few eateries and charity shops.

St Mary’s, one of the largest churches in England where people have turned up to bother God for over 1,000 years:


St Nicholas Park:


Posh girls’ school producing bright sparks and clay pigeon champions:


The Court House built 1725 and a grade 1 listed building:


An ancient postbox no longer in use but shined up all the same:


The two health shops were also closed however we passed Fusca, a vegetarian & vegan restaurant housed in a quirky basement (below). I hopped in for a nice piece of vegan minty chocolate brownie to take home with me. http://fusca.co.uk



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