A whore in Worcester


On Sunday Franc and I were in our counties capital city, Worcester for a cathedral tour, a two-for-one pizza deal, new age book acquisition for me and a waterproof coat for him.

As we passed one retailer Franc pointed out “I bought some oil gun from there once”. Gun? I never knew he owned a gun. And I didn’t know guns had to be oiled. When pressed to name his targets, he came over dismissively vague.

Worcester Cathedral (official title: The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Worcester) is a most impressive God bothering establishment. Currently it hosts an art exhibition depicting the horrors of the book of Revelation including the Whore of Babylon in fishnet stockings with a harlot manicure.

King John is buried in the cathedral chancel. He is best known for agreeing to the Magna Carter (human rights charter), albeit under duress since he was a tight git. He died in 1216 after a particularly heavy binge on peaches and ale.

The world famous Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce factory is nearby, although as this fermented liquid contains anchovies, I was not interested.

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